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Mobile Decontamination Shower

Mobile Decontamination

The mobile AttGuard 3-Stage Decontamination Shower Unit resolves the contamination issues of your employees when they are off-site, on the road, or in places where there is no permanent decontamination solution.
Our mobile decontamination unit is a self-contained modular system that offers decontamination on the go. We have taken our renowned decontamination showers and turned them into a portable outlet that is versatile and easily transported due to its custom-built trailer.
It has three rooms separated by plastic strip curtains, with an additional fourth one for a clean change or storeroom.

Cells Configuration

  1. Dirty shower
  2. Changing cell
  3. Clean shower
  4. Change/store room
Blueprint of the mobile decontamination shower unit

Easily Demountable
The cubicles of the mobile decontamination shower can be separated from the trailer and each other, so you can move them around effortlessly. They are sized to fit through standard doorways for relocating to areas where trailer access is restricted.

Superb Built Trailer
The purpose-built trailer has a single axle unit and is fitted with cable operated override disc brakes for safety.
We use strong galvanised steel RHS for its chassis, giving you peace of mind about the trailer’s solidity.
The trailer comes complete with lights and wiring harness, seven-pin trailer plug, reflectors, fold-down tailgate and step assembly.

Mobile Decontamination Shower Specifications

  • The light, but robust, shower cubicles are fabricated from aluminium sheeting with a fully welded assembly, finished with durable white powder coating and fitted with a Perspex skylight.

  • The hot and cold water feed hoses have colour coded quick release fittings and are arranged in a manner that doesn’t allow a crossover of the hot and cold system. The hoses are detachable from the hot water tank and shower ends.

  • Both decontamination shower cubicles are fitted with a shower rose which can be wall hung or handheld. The on/off taps for both hot and cold water are commercial grade ball valves.

  • The 125-litre electric hot water system with a 2400 watt electric heater and a pressure reducing valve on the tank inlet is mounted onto its own trolley.

  • Wastewater of the decontamination shower is collected into a single pump/filter tank assembly. The submersible pump automatically switches on as the water level rises within the tank and pumps the water through an inline 5 micron Cartridge filter, housed in a clear canister for easy inspection.

Usage of mobile decontamination showers

– Asbestos removal
– Chemical applications
– Mining
– Hazardous dust removal
Mobile decontamination showers trailer
mobile decontamination shower on standard trailer

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