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About Us

AttGuard was established in 2011 when Bowman’s Asbestos Removal Equipment (B.A.R.E.) was purchased by Paul Attard of Attard Sheet Metal. John Bowman began manufacturing his Asbestos Removal Equipment in Sydney in the 1970’s and had relocated to Casino, in northern New South Wales in the late 1990’s. The B.A.R.E. equipment has been an industry standard for many decades in Australia.

Attguard mobile Decontamination shower on custom Trailer

Attguard was purchased by John Riordan, Welenco Pty Ltd upon Paul’s retirement in February 2021. John‘s 40 years of industry experience as a qualified mechanical engineer, boilermaker/welder and welding supervisor allows AttGuard to continue providing industry-proven equipment to clients and be able to assist in finding and developing solutions to their individual requirements.

John has worked on a variety of engineering projects from road and rail spraying equipment for Brisbane City Council and Queensland Rail, respectively. Macadamia harvesting and materials handling equipment, inclusive of drying solutions for a variety of products as required. Civil and building experience in the general fabrication, mining industry and welding and welding supervision of pressure vessels and road/bridge infrastructure are just some of the experiences John Riordan can call on to provide a solution to a client’s requirements.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and assist you in finding a solution to your decontamination issues.